Cancer Support Now
Cancer Support Now

So that no one faces cancer alone.

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Group Discussion
Group Discussion

Annual Conference

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Cancer Support Now
Cancer Support Now

So that no one faces cancer alone.

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Cancer Support Now is seeking a person who is bilingual in Spanish and English, who is a cancer survivor and/or has seen a loved one through cancer, and who is familiar with finding resources for the non-medical needs one faces when dealing with cancer.

Someone who speaks Spanish and English fluently and can provide referrals to resources, peer support, and interpreter assistance when necessary, to monolingual Spanish speakers facing cancer. This would be up to 30 hours/month by phone as a contractor with Cancer Support Now. Free training provided through Cancer Support Now.


If you feel this is something you would love to do, or you know someone who would, please call the Helpline at 505-255-0405.


‘Apoyo en Cáncer Now’ esta buscando una persona sobreviviente de cáncer, ó que ha tenido a un ser querido que vivió la experiencia del cáncer; que este familiarizado en encontrar recursos que ayuden en las necesidades no médicas enfrentadas al lidiar con el cáncer. Debe ser una persona que hable espaňol e inglés fluidamente y pueda proveer referencias a recursos, apoyo de compaňero, y cuando sea necesario interpretación a hispano parlantes

enfrentando el cáncer. Tendrá bastante apoyo departe de compaňeros de trabajo. Esta posición es de tiempo parcial, mayormente por vía telefónica , como contratista de ‘Apoyo en Cáncer Now.’ La persona recibirá entrenamiento sin costo departe de ‘Apoyo en Cáncer Now.’


Si siente que esto es algo que le gustaría hacer, o si conoce a alguien que le gustaría, por favor llame a nuestra Línea de Ayuda al 505-255-0405.


We are the Cancer Support Now community. 

We come from everywhere.

We come in all colors, sizes, shapes and ages. On the surface, we may seem to have nothing in common. Dig a little, and you’ll find that we share a special bond that transcends our wide diversity. Each of us has been affected by cancer. We are survivors and caregivers. Some of us have been cast in both roles. Each of us has a story to tell, and together, our stories form a rich tapestry of caring and support that has been woven together through our connections to Cancer Support Now and to one another.


Are you a cancer survivor or do you love and care for someone who is a cancer survivor? Have you called our Helpline to get support and resources? Are you a support group member or facilitator? Have you attended a Cancer Support Now conference?


We offer our Helpline, support groups, and conference free to everyone. But we can only continue to do this thanks to donations from those who value our services.  Any amount helps! Please donate today!


If you would prefer to donate your time, we are always seeking new board members and volunteers. Please contact the Helpline if you are interested.

In the words of cancer survivors and family caregivers who have utilized our services:

                           Thank you for always being there when I need to talk.

                           -            caregiver grieving loss of brother to lung cancer


                           You've helped me more than you know.

                           -            Breast cancer survivor


                          Your words tread softly on my heart. No one has ever spoken to me with respect                            and validation as you do.

                          -            Colon cancer survivor


Seeking New Board Members


Please contact the Helpline at 255-0405 if you are interested.

Seeking Bilingual Spanish Speakers for Peer Support

Interested in helping other people with cancer? We're looking for bilingual Spanish speakers to offer telephone peer support for people looking for help dealing with  cancer. We will train you. (this is not for medical information or for counseling-you'd be a friendly ear who understands the journey).

Please contact 505-255-0405 if you'd like to help.  Thank you

¿Interesado en ayudar a otras personas con cáncer? Buscamos hispanohablantes bilingües que han pasado por experiencia de cáncer para ofrecer apoyo telefónico a personas que ahora buscan ayuda para lidiar con él.  Te entrenaremos. Esto no es para dar información médica ni para dar consejos. Usted sólo será un oído amistoso que comprenderá su jornada.  
Si le gustaría ayudar por favor comuníquese al 505-255-0405.  Gracias


We are a volunteer community of individuals affected by cancer dedicated to assisting people diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, so that no one goes through cancer alone. Our services include our helpline, a variety of support groups,one-on-one support, referrals, education, information and training. Our annual spring conferences draw hundreds of survivors and caregivers. We acknowledge our community supporters with awards and scholarships at our Hope and Healing Honors events.